How To Measure Bra Size – Everything You Need To Know!

There’s nothing worse than wearing a bra that doesn’t fit correctly. An ill-fitted or incorrectly sized bra can ruin an otherwise flawless outfit and can further aggravate the entire situation. The simple solution is to invest in a set of undergarments with the right cut, size, and fit.

Taking your bust measurement using simple instructions is the best way to determine your bra size, which ensures a perfect fit in the band and cup and helps you find the right amount of support.

So, if you don’t want to end up with a bra that doesn’t fit or doesn’t give you the support you need, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to properly measure your bra size, and how to choose the correct one.

3 Steps to Measure Your Bra Size

If you are looking for the right size bra, you should measure yourself properly. It is easy to find the correct size if you follow the steps. They include;

1. Determine your band size

While braless or wearing a non-padded bra, use a soft measuring tape to measure around your band size directly under your bust. Wrap a tape measure around your back and ensure you’re standing up straight, with your shoulders and back parallel to the floor, and your hands resting on the floor.

The bra size measuring tape should not be too snug but comfortable. After the measurement of band size if the number is even, you can add four inches. On the other hand, if the number is odd, you can add five inches. All in all, if you measure 30 inches, your band size is 34. And if you measure 31 inches, your band size is 35.

2. Determine your bust Size

You can measure your bust in two ways;

In Standing Position

You can measure your bust while standing straight in front of the mirror. Use a tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. Measure around your back and under your bust, where the band of a bra would usually sit.

While Lying down

Lying down allows you to see the fullness of your breasts without any clothing on. keeping the tape snug around your chest. Measure your bust while lying flat on your back.

3. Calculate your cup size

An accurate bra size calculator can help as well as calculating your bra cup size by subtracting your calculated band size (Step 1) from your bust measurement (Step 2). For example, 37 inches (bust) – 34 inches (band) = 3 inches. That’s a 34C. You can easily find your bra size by following the simple steps.

Know how to size up or down properly

To know what size you should buy, you should use the measuring chart provided here. It will help you decide which size will fit you the best. If you know your measurements, you can easily figure out how to add or subtract one size. For example, If a 34C is too big in the cups for you, move up to a 36B.

Incorrect Fitting Signs

Here are some signs that you may not be wearing the right bra size.

  • Cup spillage
  • The band is too tight
  • Red marks on the skin
  • Not enough room to breathe and your breasts look squished
  • Slipping straps

In case you have any of the above fit issues, you’ll need a professional bra fitter or a measuring tape to determine your bra size.

How To Avoid Spillage?

Spillage usually occurs when you reduce the size of your back or when your breasts aren’t oriented correctly. If the cups are too loose, the boobs will spill out of the cups. On the other hand, If the cups are too tight, it will cause pain and discomfort. If that doesn’t work, try getting a bra fitter to help you. A bra fitter will tell you how much tighter you should tighten the cup.

How do I know if my bra fits properly?

After you’ve fully adjusted the garment, you shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. Make sure to use the loosest hook when putting on your bra. Once you have adjusted the straps, make sure they are tight but do not squeeze into your shoulders. When you look in the sideways mirror, your breasts should be between your shoulders and elbows. The other way is, if you see any lines or bulges on your T-shirt, it’s not the right size.

How do I know if the band is firm enough?

80% of a bra’s support comes from the band. Your breasts will not be held in place if it is too loose. A good fit should be firmly anchored to the body. Moreover, it should be horizontal around the body, with no pull-ups, dips, or uneven spots.

How to make sure a bra size is correct

  • Put on your bra and hook it by bending forward at your waist. In this way, you can ensure the cups are completely filled with your breasts.
  • Make sure the band is adjusted. Ensure that the bra’s back and front are at the same level.
  • Under the band of the bra, one finger should be able to slide easily.
  • Straps that are falling off should first be tightened, then they should be shortened.
  • You are not wearing the right bra size if the cups pucker or your breasts bulge.
  • Select a bra with an outermost hook that fits perfectly. In order to maintain tautness in the bra band over time, move toward the tightest hook on the bra.

Does wearing the right bra size make a difference?

A bra is supposed to fit your body well. If you wear a bra that doesn’t fit you properly, you will not look good because the right bra can make a significant difference in how you feel, how your clothes fit, and how your day goes by providing you the comfort you want.

What are the best bras for my shape?

It’s true that some clothing fits our individual shapes and preferences better than others. With a fuller bust, full cup and balconette bras may be a better choice, as they come with thicker straps and more supportive underwiring. For those who need smaller sizes, bralettes or crop tops may be a good choice. Besides being extremely comfortable, they are also very supportive and have a natural shape that follows the shape of the bust.

International bra size chart

We have included a chart below that will assist international customers in translating between their bra sizes and American sizes. Make sure to use both the cup size and band size charts as well as the bra size formula.

 International Band Size Guide

      USA         UK     Europe     France    Australia

International Cup Size Guide

       USA         UK    Europe     France    Australia

Conclusion – Final Verdict!

In a nutshell, knowing how to measure bra size is the key to finding the right bra size for you. The best bras are the ones that make you feel great. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for looks, and that is why we created this guide on how to measure your bra size. By following the steps we’ve provided, you can make sure you get the right bra that will not only be super comfortable but also provide you with all the support you need. You can also learn how to measure your bra size with your hands.

We hope you’ve gained a better understanding of how to measure your bra size after reading this article. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

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